Translator - skills and work style

The job of the interpreter requires not only understanding of the text, but also the ability to express its content in the language on which it is translated. As a translator, you must have the ability to easily assimilate new vocabulary and grammar, and ease of oral and written communication.

In the role of a mediator in the process of communication one should evoke trust of both parties: one should  remain neutral and remember about the confidentiality of translated content. One should also be characterized by high resistance to stress, ability to fast associating facts and attention divisibility. While translating writings a perceptiveness and attention to details is important.

One should have the ability of accurate content analyzing and reproducing the meaning in precise translation and having in mind the cultural differences. The translation content should be understandable for the person who does not now the cultural context to which the text or speech relates to.

To work in this profession, in  addition to linguistic competence one needs to be characterized by the ability to learn fast and have comprehensive knowledge, or at least a good orientation in specialization. Interpreter's knowledge should include knowledge of the language itself and knowledge of the countries in which it is used- culture, literature, art, law, morals and religion.

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