28 maj 2015

Translation software - XTRF

XTRF ™ is a complete system for the management of translation agencies and service design processes. It provides automation of processes, effective gathering, information circulation and transparent data structure and projects.

XTRF ™ increases productivity and efficiency. Eliminates standard errors allows smooth data flow and increase control over the company. Its features include all major aspects of handling of projects: from taking orders, preparing pricing, through the selection of subcontractors, control of translation process, coordination of financial settlements between companies up to preparation of financial reports, statistical reports and documents required for ISO 9001 certification.

XTRF ™ system is expanded through the website by which customers and the designated people may at any time transfer orders and instructions, download completed files, and check the status of their orders, projects or invoices.

XTRF ™ system provides more efficient implementation of projects, faster flow of information and documents, as well as the transparency and reliability of services.






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