25 maj 2015

Translator - how to become a professional

To become a translator one should complete higher education preparing for this profession (e.g. philology or applied linguistics). Studies of foreign philology and linguistics usually require intensive work.

The studies last form 3 to 5 years and finish with receiving bachelor or master's degree. Classes are held in a foreign language and relate to history and theory of language. Usually at the beginning, students must declare a specialty of translation: interpreting, literary translation, live word translation or specialized text translation.

Getting professional education is not necessary. Translations can be done by people who have managed to master a foreign language to a high level. However, without adequate education it is difficult to get regular employment.

Acquiring a profession by a certified translator looks differently. Their profession is regulated by specific legal acts, that define the conditions of getting the title. The candidate not only must complete higher education but also pass the exam (in the oral and written form) in front of National Examination Board  under the patronage of the Minister of Justice.

Translators associate in numerous organizations and associations. In Poland we have Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators PT TEPIS or Polish Translators Association STP.  Among  international and foreign organizations we can distinguish International Federation of Translators FIT or International Association of Conference Interpreters AIIC.

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